Where Construction Is Booming in the Midwest, Despite the Pandemic

Take that, COVID-19.

While some industries are unfortunately suffering during the pandemic, there are a few bright spots in the construction industry. Where air quality is paramount, you can be assured that contractors are busy. Here are a few industries in the Midwest where the pandemic hasn’t squelched construction.

The Changing Workplace and Need for Safety

For better or worse, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected every industry. Some businesses are thriving, some are struggling, and some essential organizations are carrying on in the face of risk. Where the construction industry has seen growth in 2020 is in those sectors that support the booming online workforce or require exceptional air quality.

Data Centers

While offices downtown may be shutting their doors, new data centers in the north metro area of the Twin Cities are expanding. Minnesota’s space and cool climate make it an ideal location for data centers that house hundreds of servers. These facilities must stay cool to avoid complications or technology failures. Data centers are the infrastructure the internet relies on to function, from virtual meetings and cloud-based software applications to Facetime.

Medical Facilities

Safe medical facilities are needed now more than ever. Hospitals and clinic are retrofitting their current spaces with state-of-the-art HVAC systems and remodeling their interiors to accommodate social distancing and more patients. The same is true of veterinary facilities. America’s health care infrastructure is critical right now, and many facilities are investing in improvements to keep their workforce and patients safe.


With students of all ages heading back to school at least part time, schools are scrambling to make sure facility, staff, and pupils are safe. Like medical facilities, schools are retrofitting high-quality HVAC systems to ensure healthy air, and reconfiguring spaces to accommodate social distancing. Through this process, contractors and engineers have been partners to ensure everyone stays safe going back to school.

While many industries are struggling this year, others are looking for experienced partners to help them retrofit, remodel, and expand their spaces. If that describes you, contact Scott Build today.   

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