Updating Your Medical Clinic or Other Health Care Facility

A medical clinic, dentist’s office, or other health care facility is a space where healing takes place. The trend in medical clinic design is to make patients feel as welcome and comfortable as possible to reduce their stress and allow healing to occur. If you’re remodeling your clinic or building a new one, here are some medical clinic design trends to incorporate into your project.

Make Patients Feel Comfortable

It’s very common for patients and their families to feel stressed during a visit to the doctor or dentist. Fortunately, providers can combat that stress with the design of their clinics, from the waiting room to the exam rooms.

One trend the Scott Build team has seen for medical clinics are design elements that are not so . . . clinical. Waiting areas have couches, coffee tables, and drink stations to help put people at ease. New fabric technologies can give your waiting area the look of home while still being able to be sanitized regularly.

Studies have shown that going back to nature promotes healing, too. That’s why many clinics are choosing space with large windows to let in natural light, adding plants to their waiting rooms, and decorating with soft colors and images of realistic landscapes.

Help Patients Engage with Their Providers

These calming elements should spill over into the exam room, too. Clinics are designing exam rooms for patient comfort and engagement. Instead of requiring a patient to remain on the exam table during a consultation, for example, clinics may include a small table with chairs in their exam rooms. This makes consultations more personable and comfortable for both patient and provider.

Encourage Team Communication and Collaboration

The Scott team has noticed more and more clinics are doing away with the doctor’s office in favor of collaborative team workspaces. Often, these spaces across the hall from the exam rooms, giving providers easy access to patients.

Since care for a patient may involve several providers, these care stations help make sure a patient’s care team is communicating and collaborating. The AMA has found team stations can improve clinic work culture, too.

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