Trust the Master Builder with Your Client’s Manufacturing Site

After a long search, you’ve negotiated a great deal for your client on an existing manufacturing facility they can transform into a plant of their own. Or, perhaps you’ve found the perfect site to build a new facility from the ground up. Regardless of the type of manufacturing site you’ve found for your client, they trust you to help them find the best builder for their renovation or new construction needs.

Scott Build has a long history of working with manufacturers to update their current facilities or build a brand-new plant on a new site. We understand the building process and potential obstacles and challenges manufacturers face during construction. It’s part of what makes us the Master Builder.

We Offer a Guaranteed Maximum Price

We’ll admit our pre-construction phase is more thorough than most. We take the time on the front end to deeply understand your client’s project and uncover any potential obstacles that may increase costs or delay it. This comprehensive review is part of our value engineering process. Once we’ve completed this work and your client agrees to work with us, we are able to offer them a guaranteed maximum price for their project.  

Remember—most builders will tell your client what it will cost to start their manufacturing site project. Scott Build will tell them what it will cost to finish it.

We Communicate with Key Stakeholders

During the construction process, your client can expect us to communicate regularly with all of the key stakeholders they identified in the planning phase of the project. This may include the client, their leadership team, and city administrators as well as our team of vetted subcontractors. Open and honest communication allows us to move forward and address hiccups quickly and efficiently. 

We Prioritize Quality and Safety

Quality and safety are our priorities on any manufacturing site construction project. During the planning phase, we source only high-quality materials that will perform safely for the life of the facility. The safety and quality of our work is also paramount during the construction phase. Our commitment to quality and safety make the inspection and approval process go more smoothly throughout the project.

We Offer a Warranty

Once our work is complete, we walk your client through their new facility to hand off instructions and manuals on all of their new utilities, operating systems, and equipment. We offer a warranty on our work, so we encourage your client to keep in touch with us through their first year of occupancy. Scott Build understands what goes into a successful manufacturing construction project. For more information on how we work with commercial real estate professionals and their clients, reach out to the Scott Build team today.

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