Top Considerations for Ground-Up Construction of a Manufacturing Facility

Manufacturing is one of Minnesota’s key industries. Food production companies, computer and electronics manufacturers, metal fabrication shops, and medical device manufacturers are some of the state’s largest employers. Together, manufacturers contribute nearly $53 billion a year to the state’s economy.

With manufacturing booming, it may be difficult to find a suitable facility to house your growing enterprise. Nationwide, vacancy rates for industrial properties is just 3.8 percent, well below the average rate of 7.3 percent. With few properties on the market, manufacturing companies in Minnesota often choose to build ground-up new construction.

Scott Build is the Master Builder of manufacturing facilities in Minnesota. We have more than a dozen manufacturing plants in our project portfolio. Our years of experience partnering with manufacturing companies have identified a few top considerations when designing and building a manufacturing facility from the ground up.

1. Take Time to Identify the Priorities for Your New Manufacturing Facility

Building ground-up new construction is exciting, but it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the details that go into designing a new facility. Take some time to work with your team, your architect, and your builder to decide the main priorities for your new building. Here are a few considerations you may find helpful.

  • Production volume
  • Space requirements for your production floor, offices, quality control lab, warehouse, and loading bay
  • Whether your equipment is manual, semi-automatic, or fully automated
  • Special HVAC requirements
  • Wastewater treatment requirements
  • Accommodations for safety equipment
  • Facility requirements of your governing regulator

2. Identify the Lifecycle Cost of Your New Plant

Scott Build uses value engineering to optimize every step of your manufacturing construction project. This process helps us uncover the true cost of your project and help you make design decisions based on both your short-term and long-term investment. We also identify the cost of your facility throughout its entire lifecycle, including an estimate of the cost to maintain and repair your building as it ages. Most contractors tell you what it will cost to start your project. Scott will tell you what it will cost to complete it.

3. Rely on the Expertise and Experience of Your Commercial Builder

Building a manufacturing facility from the ground up takes skill and experience. Scott Build has been helping manufacturing companies build new facilities for decades. We have served companies in a wide range of industries, from heavy equipment manufacturing and oil and gas production to seed companies. You can rely on the Master Builder for your next manufacturing construction project.

Contact Scott Build today to learn how we keep every project on time and in budget.

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