Tips for a Smooth and Affordable Tenant Build-Out

Whether you’re moving to a new space or expanding or renovating your current one, it pays off to plan your tenant build-out carefully. From negotiating a favorable tenant allowance through the construction process, Scott Build is here to support you. Here are a few of our tips for planning a smooth and affordable tenant build-out.

Negotiate a Stated Dollar Tenant Improvement Allowance

There are many ways to fund a tenant build-out project. It is common for landlords to contribute to the build-out projects of their tenants. Your real estate broker can help you negotiate a deal with your landlord.

When you do, we recommend you ask for a stated dollar tenant improvement allowance. In this scenario, you and your landlord agree on a stated dollar amount the landlord will pay for your build-out. This puts the power of the purse and the oversight of your project directly in your hands rather than your landlord’s. You are able to choose your architect, contractor, and your project manager. You can also incorporate value engineering into your project to uncover any and all opportunities for savings during the design and construction process.

Know What You Need

Before approving any design, have a clear idea of what you need in your space. If you are designing office space, consider the needs of your employees and any visitors who may be coming to your space. Design your space with productivity and profitability in mind. If you are a veterinarian, we have a guide that can help you ensure you have all the details covered.

Whatever your industry, create a welcoming and comfortable space. Leverage the natural light from floor-to-ceiling windows with a design that allows the light to reach into your space. Keep ceiling heights high when possible. Include natural materials such as wood and stone.

Consider Alternatives

The value engineering process will help you identify materials that may save you time and money over the life of your build-out, from building supplies to fixtures and finishes. To save on energy costs over the term of your lease, consider incorporating energy-efficient lighting fixtures, appliances, computer systems, and other amenities. While these items may require a slightly larger investment at first, they can save you thousands in the long run.

A tenant build-out requires negotiation and cooperation between a number of professionals, from you and your landlord to your builder, architect, and the city permit office. Scott Build is the Master Builder with the experience and expertise to lead you through it. For a partner on your 2020 tenant build-out, contact the Scott Build team today.

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