Scott Build Testimonial 5

The Oaks Wine Bar

Scott Build recently worked on our commercial development project.  They took over for another construction manager that was not meeting expectations and the project was struggling significantly.  

Scott Build took over seamlessly and immediately took control of the situation.  Their constant involvement quickly resolved many of the open issues and brought everyone back on track.  Rick has an obvious wealth of experience in the construction field and helped to resolve issues in positive ways working with the situation to fix them in the most expedient, but also most cost effective way possible.  

Nearly all of the subcontractors remained on the job after the transition and of those that remained it was unanimous the positive feel the job took. Several commented they knew more and had a better understanding of the project within hours of Scott Build meetings with everyone to kick off the project, than they had in the last several months of construction.  

Scott Build is an excellent firm and has wealth of knowledge in the commercial construction field.  Everyone on their staff is friendly and knowledgeable.  They bring professionalism to the workplace, and know how to keep in light and fun.  

We are continuing our relationship with them on the next phases of our construction project and we would recommend Scott Build to everyone for their commercial project needs!  

Jereidah and Kelly Welti – Owners


Scott Build