Scott Build Testimonial 5

Plymouth Heights Pet Hospital

We hired Scott Build to build our 7500 square foot state of the art Pet Hospital and Boarding facility ten years ago. It was a design and build project which required trust and a leap of faith to commit to.  But our trust was rewarded with great people and a great experience.  The building was done sooner than projected and under budget.  Most importantly, ten years later, we still have a high quality facility that has met and exceeded our expectations in every way and has allowed us to expand our business and increase our gross revenue by almost 40%.

In the years since the building was completed, if we had any questions or concerns related to the day to day maintenance of the building and the property, Rick Scott and his subs were a phone call away.  Recently we had a sprinkler pipe rupture that caused damage to a portion of our bording facility.  This occurred just before the Thanksgiving holiday and our kennel was scheduled to be booked to capacity.  The incident occurred at 3:30am – I made one phone call to Rick Scott – by 8:00am that morning the sub-contractors were being called, Mr. Scott was on site and the repairs began.  Despite challenges with our insurance company, Mr. Scott proceeded without concern for anything but getting our business and our building back in order as quickly as possible and to the original quality we expected.

We were amazed that the contractors that were called were all the people who had been a part of the building of our facility.  It speaks volumes that not only are they clearly well established and respected people in their craft, but they responded immediately to Mr. Scott’s requests.  Mr. Scott was on the job daily making sure the project was proceeding.  Without him, I woudl have spent time away from my patients and staff and would have been buried by phone calls, coordinating schedules of sub-contractors and hoping the work was being done correctly.

To have found a builder that created any amazing building under time and budget is rare.  To find that and a relationship and commitment to his product for the 10 years following is rare.  We would not have believed it without experiencing it.

Do not hesitate to put your business, money, future and trust in Scott Builders and specifically Rick Scott.  He is the real deal.

Dr. Pierce Flemming


Scott Build