Scott Build Testimonial 5

LBZ Investments

When I decided to build a new Commercial Class “A” office building, I met with contractors to solicit their thoughts, ideas and pricing. They all told me what I wanted to hear, the problem was they didn’t tell me what I needed to hear.

I wanted someone that wants to do whats best for me. When I met with Rick and the Scott Build Team, they listened to what I thought I wanted, then over a series of meetings, asked clarifying questions to propose what I needed and didn’t need. What I respected the most was their straightfoward direct answers. Every promise they made was kept and there were no unpleasant surprises.

I was busy running my own business, and though Scott Build updated me each week at the owners/contractors meetings, they were my owners representative with the subcontractors and the job flowed smoothly and was complete ON TIME AND IN BUDGET!

If you are considering a building and want to know all the facts and costs up front, you’d be wise to talk to Scott Build.

Dave Zumbusch – Owner


Scott Build