Scott Build Testimonial 5

Crossroads Animal Shelter

The purpose of this letter is to offer our recommendation and observations of the general contracting services of Scott Build.  

We had the pleasure of working with the professional team at Scott Build through the construction of our new animal shelter.  We are group of women driving this project and wanted experts that not only know construction but have some people skills as well.  We found both these qualities in the folks at Scott Build.  It was also important to us that we not have to sweat the small stuff, we didn’t want to have to worry about trivial details.  We just wanted to think about the big picture stuff.  Scott Build took care of everything.  Scheduling went smoothly, with work being done in a timely manner. They took very seriously our need to stay on schedule.  They were taskmasters!!

The thing we most appreciated when working with Scott Build is how we were treated.  It was always apparent to us that we were important to them and that our concerns, ideas and/or suggestions were valuable.  Never did we feel as though we were an interruption on their day.  We were exceedingly please with every facet of the project.  Even several months after our project was complete, when we had a warranty issue with one of our subcontractors, Scott Build was there to work on our behalf.  

We could not have been more pleased with our decision to work with Scott Build.  We have a quality product that was enjoyable to build.  

Karla Heeter – President


Scott Build