Scott Build Testimonial 5

City of Annandale

It gives me great pleasure to recommend Scott Build to any entity considering a new building project. The City of Annandale was in need of a new city hall. Scott Build came to us with many ideas they had used on previous projects that made our choices and decisions that much easier.  

Our new city hall was to be the first major building project in a number of years. I, personally, was concerned that city staff and city council were not up to the task. Rick removed the concerns of budget, quality and time constraints from our shoulders and placed them squarely on their own. 

Scott Build brought us invaluable knowledge learned on past projects; an innate ability to communicate our desires to numerous professionals involved in the project, and a supreme understanding that their job was to insure the City of Annandale received the highest quality building at the best price possible.  

Bringing Scott Build into any project is one of the best decisions you will make.  

Marian C. Harmoning – Mayor


Scott Build