Scott Build Testimonial 5

Brandt Companies

I want to write you a letter and tell you how I feel about you performance on building our building.  You have put together a great team of subcontractors and staff.  Your staff made this project happen right on schedule for me.  It was CRITICAL and important that I moved in on October 1st, and it happened. I was very impressed with your structure demanding subcontractors do their work properly.  The event that I was impressed with most was above the ceiling tiles where no one normally would look.  All cables were tied together properly and run in straight lines. It was your full time superintendent that made the subs do quality work.  Many subs did not like this but you demanded it be done properly.  So many subs will just slam dunk the work and it looks very bad when completed.  You and your people took much pride in how things look when complete.  

It was a pleasure working with you and your people on this project.  You built me the building I expected and the quality of workmanship was very good.  The building looks professional inside and out.  If I build another building, you will be the one building it.  

Calvin Brandt – President


Scott Build