Scott Build’s Commitment to Safety

At Scott Build, we pride ourselves on being on time and in budget for every project. It’s what makes us the Master Builder. But in our pursuit of staying on schedule and within budget, we never sacrifice quality or safety. The health and safety of everyone who steps foot on our jobsite is our top priority. Here’s a look at the state of construction site safety in the United States and Scott’s own commitment to safety.

The State of Construction Site Safety

Keeping construction workers safe at the jobsite is our first priority. According to OSHA, approximately a fifth of all worker deaths in the United States were in the construction industry in 2018, the latest year we have data for. More than half of these deaths were attributed to one of four causes, which OSHA calls the Fatal Four. The Fatal Four includes falls (accounting for a third of all construction deaths), being struck by an object, electrocutions, and being caught in between or compressed by objects or collapsing structure or equipment.

To reduce worker fatalities and injuries, contractors and jobsite managers implement health and safety policies, including site-specific ones. While most contractors encourage workers to report site hazards, fewer ask workers to participate in safety planning or get their input on general safety conditions at a worksite.  

What OSHA Recommends

OSHA recommends that construction companies include seven core elements in their health and safety programs.

  1. Management leadership that embraces safety and health as a core value and goal for every project
  2. Worker participation and input in creating the safety policy, reporting hazards, and tracking progress
  3. Hazard identification and assessment before and during a project, including routine, nonroutine, and emergency situations
  4. Hazard prevention and control to eliminate hazards before they arise and to provide protective equipment when hazards are unavoidable
  5. Education and training for all workers, managers, and supervisors
  6. Program evaluation and improvement that assess safety programs so they can be improved
  7. Communication and coordination between contractors and subcontractors to ensure a high level of safety for all workers

Scott Build’s Safety Protocols

Scott is sincerely interested in the health and safety of all owners, employees, and trade contractors involved on your project. That’s why we implement a cutting-edge safety program. We enforce strict safety guidelines on every project to eliminate worker injury.

Scott Build puts the health and safety of you and our crew at the top of the list of priorities when we are working on your project. Our value engineering process in the planning stage of your project never cuts corners or sacrifices safety in the pursuit of a cheaper product or faster timeline. We are in the business of building structures that are built safe and stay safe for years to come. To work with the Master Builder, get in contact with our team. We look forward to hearing from you.

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