Preconstruction & Design Phase

How does Scott keep every construction project on time and in budget? We have a very thorough preconstruction and design process. Before breaking ground on any project, we evaluate all available designs, methods, and possible alternatives to make sure our estimate and schedule are accurate. 

Scott Build Monsanto Glyndon Construction Process
Scott Build Monsanto Glyndon Construction Process 2
Scott Build Class A Office Commercial Construction Process
Scott Build Process 1

Define Project Team Requirements

Who’s on the team and what are their responsibilities?

Scott Build Process 2

Prepare Schematic & Design Development Estimates

Scott reviews your architect’s designs and provides you an initial cost estimate.

Scott Build Process 3

Work with the City

We attend planning commission meetings to get approval on your preliminary concept and site plan and city council meetings for final approval of your design. We also handle all necessary approvals and inspections.

Scott Build Process 4

Value Engineering and Lifecycle Cost Analyses

We evaluate methods and alternatives to arrive at optimal performance and quality.

Scott Build Process 5

Prepare Project Milestone Schedule

Our rigorous planning process produces a schedule that sets the pace for up-front planning and value engineering.

Scott Build Process 6

Long Lead-Time Materials Deliveries

We identify materials that require long lead-time deliveries.

Scott Build Process 7

Subcontractor Negotiation

We select subcontractors who can commit to our pricing and schedule, awarding contracts based on value, resources, and quality.

Scott Build Process 8

Preconstruction Conference

We meet with all subcontractors and major suppliers to share the schedule and guidelines for your project.

Scott Build Process 10

Guaranteed Maximum Price Meeting

If you've committed to working with Scott Build, we'll present you with our guaranteed maximum price for your project.

Construction Phase

Once you’ve reviewed and approved our bid and schedule and we’ve held our preconstruction conference, your project moves into the construction phase. Scott keeps you informed and involved throughout the construction process. Here’s how we keep your project on schedule and within budget.

Scott Build Commercial Construction Process Inver Grove Heights Animal Hospital Groundbreaking 1
Scott Build Commercial Construction Process Stearus Lp
Scott Build Commercial Construction Process Inver Grove Heights Animal Hospital Groundbreaking 3
Scott Build Manufacturing Building Project Process Stearus Lp
Scott Build Commercial Construction Process Inver Grove Heights Animal Hospital Groundbreaking 2
Scott Build Manufacturing Construction Project Process
Scott Build Process 1

Schedule Monitoring

We monitor materials availability and all contractor personnel and equipment to keep your project on or ahead of schedule.

Scott Build Process 2

Safety Performance

Safety is always a top priority and continuously monitored.
For additional information view and download our Safety Manual.

Scott Build Process 3

Shop Drawing Control

We expedite the processing and approval of shop drawings and samples.

Scott Build Process 4

Quality Assurance and Project Testing

We perform several quality checks throughout the course of your project. Our minimum standards often exceed industry standards.

Scott Build Process 5

Progress Meetings and Requests

We’ll meet weekly with you, the architect, and subcontractors to discuss procedures, progress, problems, and scheduling.

Scott Build Process 6

Certificate of Occupancy

We facilitate state and local inspections for their final approvals.

Post-Construction Phase

The post-construction phase is short but rewarding! It’s when you take ownership of your new space.

Scott Build Class A Office Space Gallery Lbz Investments Buffalo Mn 5
Scott Build Veterinary Gallery Gehrman Animal Hospital Minnetonka Mn 1
Scott Build Commercial Gallery Buffalo Airport Arrival Departure Building Buffalo Mn 1
Scott Build Process 1

Owner Occupancy

Congratulations! We hand off instructions and complete operation and maintenance manuals on your utilities, operating systems, and equipment.

Scott Build Process 2


Call us if any problem arises. In our experience, you’ll identify any potential defective materials or systems within the first year.

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