How Scott Build Works with Cities to Keep Manufacturing Construction Projects on Track

A new manufacturing facility is a boon for a city. A new plant could bring hundreds of new jobs and can create opportunities for additional business and residential development. A city has a stake in the success of a manufacturing construction project within its borders, from the planning phase through its final inspection and approval.

Scott Build has decades of experiencing working with city administrators to ensure our projects meet or exceed their rules, guidelines, and expectations. It’s part of what makes us the Master Builder. Here’s what city administrators and our clients can expect when they work with us.  

We Build Relationships with Your City’s Planning Commission

Since city planning commissions decide if manufacturing construction projects are allowed to proceed, our relationships with city planning commissioners are very important. We build relationships with commissioners and other city officials to build their trust in our expertise and our process. We regularly attend commission meetings to understand what they are looking for in future projects. This legwork on the front end makes the commission approval process move more smoothly.

We Attend Your City’s City Council Meetings

Once the city planning commission approves a project, it moves on to the city council for their approval. Our relationships with city councilmembers are just as important as those with city planning commissioners. We attend city council meetings to gauge the council’s interest in the project and present our preliminary concepts and site plans. With the council’s approval, we are able to move forward on the manufacturing construction project.

We Obtain Necessary Mid-Project Approvals and Inspections

The city is involved throughout the construction process. Inspectors and other city administrators will visit our worksite to ensure things are on track and moving ahead safely and to code. As the Master Builder, Scott Build understands each city’s building code requirements and will proactively handle all necessary approvals and inspections.

We Obtain Your City’s Final Approval

Once the new manufacturing facility is built, it’s time for the city’s final inspections and approval. Sometimes, the state requires its own final inspection and approval. Scott Build facilitates all the necessary site tours to ensure the project gets a thumbs up from all required parties. Scott Build understands that good working relationships with city administrators are essential for the success of any manufacturing construction project. We value the relationships we’ve built with city inspectors, commissioners, councilmembers, and other admins over the years. For more on how we work with cities, reach out to the Scott Build team today.

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