Dental Office Building Trends

A lot has changed in the dentistry industry over the last decade or so. Technologies such as laser dentistry, 3-D printing, and video telehealth conferencing have transformed the way clinics provide care. However, patient anxiety and fears caused by a trip to the dentist haven’t gone away with the introduction of these new innovations. It’s important to address both of these factors when designing a new dental clinic. Here are a few dental office building trends and how dental professionals can incorporate them into their new space.

Make Room for Technology

Dental technology and equipment is constantly evolving. The modern dental office does not simply offer a full suite of traditional dental equipment, such as x-ray machines and operatory lights. Many offer on-site 3-D printing of crowns, aligners, and implants. Some offices have invested in the technology to offer laser treatment. Both of these technologies require space in your clinic.

Improving Patient Comfort and Ease

While dentists provide essential health care, it’s rare for patients to look forward to a trip to the dentist’s office. The design and finishes of a dental clinic can go a long way toward putting patients at ease. Waiting rooms should welcome patients in with comfortable seating and high-quality furnishings that feel more like a home than a health care facility. Many include a refreshment bar and nook for children with toys to occupy them while they wait for their appointment. Patient comfort is important in the exam and operating areas of a dental clinic, too. More dental offices choose to organize patient exam and operating areas so dentists and hygienists access their instruments behind the patient, which declutters the space and reduces anxiety in nervous patients. Others offer rooms where dentists can consult with patients privately and patients can recover post-surgery. These rooms also provide dentists the opportunity to offer telehealth at their clinics to remotely deliver care and consultations to patients.

Gathering Spaces

Gathering spaces within dental clinics are another dental office building trend. Flexible gathering spaces allow dental teams to collaborate and participate in training. It also provides a space for dentists to offer seminars to patients on different dental services, such as implants and aligners.

Tour a Renovated Dental Office

In 2019, Scott Build had the opportunity to renovate a dental office. The office had experienced significant water damage after their previous roofer had failed to install a membrane that protects the building from moisture. As a result, the entire first floor and basement of the office flooded, and the entire clinic was stripped to the studs. In just four weeks, Scott Build had renovated the entire clinic, bringing it up to code and incorporating energy-saving LED lighting. The class A office features and floor plan of the clinic creates a warm, welcoming, and calming environment for patients and staff alike. Scott Build Medical Gallery Building Navarre Dental Rehab Water Intrusion Featured 005 Designing and building a dental office is a complicated process. It pays to work with a builder who understands the needs of dental professionals and their patients. Scott Build has the know-how. Contact our team today to start working on your dental office building project.

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