Commercial Building Process Part II: Construction and Post-Construction

Commercial construction involves a lot of people, materials, and moving parts. But with proper planning, there are very few reasons a project should go over budget or past its scheduled completion date. You can learn about Scott Build’s comprehensive planning process on our blog.

Part II of the commercial building process starts when we break ground on your project and ends with your occupancy of the building. Here’s a look at how we keep the construction of your commercial building on time and in budget.

Step 1. Schedules and Safety for Commercial Construction

Sticking to a schedule requires two things: exhaustive planning and relentless execution. Throughout the construction phase of your project, Scott Build monitors the availability of materials, subcontractor personnel, and equipment to keep your project on or ahead of schedule. While we want to finish your project on time, we’ll never cut corners that will affect the quality or longevity of your building or the safety of our workers, you, or your staff.

Step 2. Quality Assurance and Certificate of Occupancy

The Scott Build team provides continuous oversight of your project from start to finish. We perform several specific quality checks throughout your project to ensure it complies with our high standards. Often, our minimum standards exceed industry standards.

We will meet weekly with you, your architect, and subcontractors to keep you informed of all progress and discuss any challenges or changes to the schedule. Once construction is complete, we’ll facilitate state and local inspections to obtain final approval on your building.

Step 3. Occupancy and Warranty

This is the most exciting part of any commercial building project—move-in day! Before you take occupancy of your building, we’ll share instructions and maintenance manuals for all of the systems in your building, including utilities and other equipment.

As you enjoy your new space, please call us if any problem arises. We’ve found that most clients identify any potential defective materials or systems within the first year. If that’s the case with your building, we’ll handle it.

Ready to get started on your commercial construction project? Contact the Scott Build team today.

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