Commercial Building Process Part I: Planning

Scott keeps every project on time and in budget. It’s part of what makes us the Master Builder. Keeping a commercial building on track and within a client’s budget requires a lot of planning in the early stages of the commercial building process. Here’s a look at the steps we take to make sure we present a thorough and accurate estimate and set projects up for success. Check back later in the month for part II!

Step 1. Define the Project and Review Designs

Our very first step is meeting with you and your team to learn more about your vision, your budget, and your timeline. At this meeting, we’ll decide who’s on your project’s team and define their responsibilities. If you already have an architect, we’ll review their designs and provide you with an initial cost estimate. If you don’t have an architect already, we can recommend several trusted partners.

After we review your designs, we’ll take them to your city’s planning commission so they can review your concept and site plan. Then, we’ll take your designs to the city council for final approval.

Step 2. Value Engineering and Lifecycle Cost Analysis

Value engineering and lifecycle cost analysis are two tools we use to better understand the whole lifecycle of your building, uncover opportunities to save money and time, and ensure your building will be functional long after you take occupancy.

For more information on how we use value engineering and lifecycle cost analyses, check out our blog.

Step 3. Milestone Schedule and Lead Time Deliveries

Once we’ve gotten approval from the city, we can get to work on a detailed schedule. With upfront planning and value engineering, we can create a schedule that minimizes delays and surprises. This includes identifying any materials that require long lead times so we can keep your project on time at every stage.

Step 4. Subcontractors and Preconstruction Conference

The last step in the first phase of the commercial building process is to secure contractors. We’re highly selective about the subcontractors we partner with. We only work with subcontractors who can commit to our pricing and schedule to ensure your project stays on time and in budget. We also evaluate them based on value, resources, and quality.

Once we’ve identified subcontractors, we will meet with them and suppliers to share the schedule and guidelines for your project. If you’ve committed to working with us, we’ll also schedule our last planning meeting with you where we’ll present our guaranteed maximum price for your project.

Once you’ve accepted our guaranteed maximum price and approved our schedule, it’s time to move forward with construction. More on that later this month!

To get started on your commercial building project, contact Scott Build, the Master Builder, today.

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