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Veterinary clinics are complex buildings. Not only must you design a building that is comfortable and safe for you and your employees, your clinic must be safe and sanitary for your patients and welcoming to their owners and handlers. You need to partner with an expert who understands these considerations and designs for them.

Scott Build has completed dozens of veterinary clinics, kennels, and animal hospitals. We’ve renovated existing clinics, added space to growing hospitals, and designed new facilities from the ground up. Every project addresses some of the most overlooked considerations for animal facilities, including reducing stress and trauma for animals and caretakers, infection control, and noise pollution.

Learn more about our process in our Building Your New Animal Hospital Guide.

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When designing a clinic or other medical facility, Scott Build’s first step is to discover how we can most efficiently layout the building. This ensures that the facility is optimized for efficiency in mechanical systems and flow so employees can deliver care more effectively. When we start to bring it all together with the design of the space, our clients often have that “ah-ha” moment. That’s when we know we’re on the right track.

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The manufacturing industry is diverse and constantly innovating. As you invest in automation and cutting-edge equipment, your space needs to evolve and adapt. When you work with Scott, we creatively look at the layout and flow of your facility to ensure optimization of the space plan for today and the future. We analyze your process and how the product flows through the plant to understand your specific needs or uncover needs that have been previously overlooked.

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There are varying definitions of class A office space. While the design of class A office space seems limitless, there are a few items that every class A space must have to achieve “A” status. Generally, class A office projects are bound by their budgets. Granite is a beautiful, high-end finish, but it’s also much more expensive than brick is. Your choice of finishes may vary depending on whether you’re the property and business owner or a developer.

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Building a commercial space that’s not veterinary, medical, manufacturing, or class A office space? Scott Build is here to help. We understand that as a developer, you work within a strict budget and often tight timeline. It’s our responsibility to work within those constraints. Scott Build projects have an unbroken history of being in budget and on time, every time.

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