3 Scott Build Manufacturing Construction Projects

Manufacturing facilities are big, but they do not need to take years to design and build. Here’s a look at three manufacturing construction projects Scott Build completed in four months or less for three customers in Buffalo, Minnesota.

1. Trueman Welters

Scott Build Manufacturing Gallery Tureman Welters Buffalo Mn 1
Trueman Welters in Buffalo, Minnesota

This 33,000 square-foot facility was completed in just four months. The design incorporated a mechanical shop and a showroom with a beautiful mezzanine level. To add dimension and interest to the building’s exterior, the design included a tin roof trimmed and supported by precast timber wood. The tin roof was painted a bright red to tie into the color of Trueman Welters’ signature products.

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2. LPG & NH3 Propane Supply

Scott Build Manufacturing Gallery Lpg Nh3 1
LPG & NH3 propane supply in Buffalo, Minnesota

LPG & NH3 is a propane supply company in our hometown of Buffalo, Minnesota. This project was a build-out of 4,000 square feet within the customer’s 15,000 square-foot building. The build-out included two levels of manufacturing offices. Scott constructed the office space on a structural steel frame and precast exterior panels. Doing so saved time and money, and we were able to complete the project in just 30 days.

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3. Countryside Cabinets

Scott Build Manufacturing Gallery Countryside Cabinets 2
Countryside Cabinets in Buffalo, Minnesota

Countryside Cabinets was another ground-up new construction project. The cabinet maker needed a building to house their manufacturing plant, showroom, and offices. Through our value engineering process, we realized precast wall panels would save time and money. We completed the 10,240 square-foot space in just three months.

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Scott Build is the Master Builder. Our manufacturing construction projects stay on time and in budget, every time. Contact the Scott team today to learn how we can serve your company.

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