3 Scott Build Commercial Projects

As the Master Builder, Scott Build enjoys working with professionals and corporations to create functional and comfortable commercial spaces. Here’s a look at three projects Scott Build completed in three months or less for three Minnesota companies.

1. The Oaks Wine Bar

This 3,200 square-foot tenant build-out in Winona, Minnesota, was completed in just six weeks. The design took full advantage of the historic building’s original floors, ceilings, and bricks to create a speakeasy vibe with some modern touches, including barn wood in the foyer and spectacular bathrooms.

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2. Buff n’ Glo Car Wash

Scott Build Commercial Gallery Buff N Go Carwash 1

We completed an addition to the Buff n’ Glo Car Wash in Buffalo, Minnesota, in just three months. The addition added 850 square feet to the facility. We also completed a renovation of the facility in just 10 days after the car wash experienced a fire.

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3. Russia’s Grizzly Coast at the Minnesota Zoo

Scott Build Commercial Minnesota Zoo Bear Exhibit 3

We were excited to partner with the Minnesota Zoo to design the central plaza for its Russia’s Grizzly Coast exhibit. The project featured roughhewn wood accents and a metal roof. It was completed in just three months.

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Scott Build is the Master Builder. Our commercial projects stay on time and in budget, every time. Contact the Scott team today to learn how we can partner with your company.

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