Scott Build Testimonial 5

Mink Lake Manufacturing

Since we started the project on Mink Lake Manufacturing, I have had numerous discussions with other business owners on the project.  Most people think that by giving you a “design/build” contract, rather than a “design/bid/build” contract, you had an open checkbook.  I can most assuredly tell them that the opposite is fact.  We sat down together and established a “not-to-exceed” budget.  Then Scott Build, the architect and I sat down and put together a list of “needs” and “wants”.  The process continued with the architect doing preliminary design work.  The sub-contractors were given a set of drawings to design their scope of work and give us budgets.  They were told their work had to be all-inclusive as no change orders would be issued.  This allowed us to put a final budget together to take to the bank. 

When the bank gave us approval for the loan, Scott Build was able to go back to the sub-contractors and work out final details and get in their schedules.  I counted 23 subs on the project and all of them knew their approximate scope of work before the architect had finished the design.  I firmly believe we save da substantial amount of money and length of design time. Due to the sub-contractors doing the designing, they were able to start their portion of work in their plants without waiting for someone else.  The architect approved most of the sub-contractors designs in a few days.  From ground braking until we received possession of the building was eleven weeks.  SIX WEEKS AHEAD OF SCHEDULE. 

The early completion of the building was a function of several factors.  Scott Build working with the sub-contractors keeping them informed of developments, favorable weather conditions, and sub-contractors working together.  

I would recommend to future clients to discuss “design/build” versus “bid/build” with Scott Build.  We did not have any problems with someone “lowballing” their quote and making a killing on change orders.  In fact, there is only change order between Scott Build and Mink Lake Manufacturing… that change order is to return the funds in the contingency to Mink Lake Manufacturing.  

Scott Build and their staff should be commended for the excellent job they did.  

Douglas Braun - President

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